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Where Did My Insurance Company Go?
I hope he has the right coverage and a sharp agent

In the first few months of 2014 State National Insurance, TOPA Insurance and Starr Indemnity all left the California / Arizona dealer insurance market. We hear that losses made it unprofitable for each of them to do business here. Did your insurance company disappear? We work with multiple companies to save you money. We shop your insurance based on your business model and your location to place you with the company with rates best for you.

Bond Rates Have Plummeted

Six years ago bond rates skyrocketed during the economic crisis. For the last couple of years rates have been coming down. Since January some companies have reached pre-disaster rates. Clicking this fully automated link will take you to our bond application. We shop multiple bond companies. We have cut many dealers bond rates in half. California and Arizona dealers click the link and save.

Double Insuring

Do you have a dealer policy and a personal auto insurance policy? Most dealers don’t have to. Your dealer policy has liability coverage for lawsuits. It can also have all of the following: Comprehensive and collision coverage for your inventory and your personal cars. Uninsured motorist coverage for your medical bills. It can waive your deductible if you are hit by an uninsured motorist and a lot more. Many car dealers don’t have a personal auto policy. We can help you structure your coverage to save you as much money as possible.

50% - 66% - 100%

If the flooring company only requires a percentage of my inventory to be insured, why would I want to cover it all? Because of your insurance policy’s “co-insurance clause.” Part of the insurance company’s formula to determine their risk and your rates, is the dealer’s total inventory value. Although we do everything we can to save dealers money, we would never want to do anything that would cause a claim to be underpaid. Under declaring inventory amounts leads to claims being underpaid by the same percentage the inventory was under declared. Click this link and read “underreporting money saver or suicide” to see a detailed explanation on our site.

Is there information here that your agent didn't tell you?

Did it cost you money?

We hope not.

Written by:
Dave Hoffman - Broker / Owner

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